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Before, l hid myself from the world, my family and friends


Now l am ecstatic! I feel amazing! I’m healthy and well.
Darebin Weight Loss Surgery has definitely helped extend my life.

The Link Between Weight and Cancers

Being above a healthy weight is a leading preventable cause of cancer, but less than half of all Australians are aware of this link. Watch this video by Cancer Council Victoria.

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Struggling to lose weight?

Struggling to keep it off? Have you considered weight loss surgery? Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss is a tool to help achieve health goals. Our aim is to ensure that you are “happy” and “realistic” about achieving those goals.  In contrast to diets, Weight Loss Surgery is considered to be the “most effective” method of long-term weight loss for patients with morbid obesity.

Around 80% of patients having surgery achieve long-term weight loss and the illnesses related to obesity are often prevented, cured or significantly improved. Health is restored and quality of life rejuvenated. As a team of medical experts specialising in weight loss, we can help you.

Illnesses related to obesity are often prevented, cured or significantly improved.

It is important to be involved with and supported by a multidisciplinary care team.

Multidisciplinary care is vital

Obesity is a complex problem with many contributing factors. These can be physical, behavioural, psychological and emotional. Treatment of obesity needs to focus on all these aspects, not just one. Whilst surgery very much helps with the physical aspects of weight control, specialists of various disciplines are needed to aid and support the patient in other areas – general medical care, nutrition and emotional support.

Significant weight loss is, for many patients, a life-changing event and can be quite a journey. Having expertise available to provide advice, treatment and support from different angles, allows more effective holistic care and better results.

Your weight loss surgeons and team

We are recognized as the best! Our reputation as a team is built upon patient success, personal recommendation and multiple praises.  Our surgeons are highly qualified subspecialist Bariatric surgeons offering the complete range of operations. They are brilliant clinicians, surgeons and are sought after in this field. The complete specialist team will make your journey seamless.

Mr Ahmad Aly (MBBS, FRACS, MS) is a highly experienced surgeon in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery and in Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery).

Mr Kiat Lim (MBBS, FRACS, MSurg) is a General Surgeon with sub-specialised training in Upper Gastrointestinal and Bariatric Surgery.

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How to find out if you qualify

Do you qualify for Bariatric Surgery? If you are overweight or have concerns about how your weight may be affecting your health and have tried dieting before, then surgery may be right for you.

There are internationally agreed minimum criteria for performing weight loss surgery. These are based on BMI and any effect the weight may be having on health and well being. The best way to find out is to have a confidential talk with one of our specialist, Mr Ahmad Aly and Mr Kiat Lim.

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Weight loss surgery options

Gastric Sleeve: Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy or Tube Gastrectomy is a restrictive procedure that limits the amount of food you eat by reducing the size of your stomach.

Gastric Banding: Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding involves inserting a specially made band around the top of the stomach. It is a keyhole operation whereby no organs are cut, removed or rearranged. It is completely reversible.

Gastric Bypass: Gastric bypass is a very well established weight loss procedure. The stomach is divided to create a small gastric pouch and a bypass is made to allow food to move directly into the intestines.

Talk to us. We understand you and we can help!

What successful weight loss surgery candidates have said:

The entire multidisciplinary team at Darebin Weight Loss Surgery are so supportive, understanding and extremely knowledgeable and they made a difference to my weight loss journey.


Lost 48 Kg

I came and saw the team at DWLS and I knew very quickly that these people would help me to change my life. I cannot thank the team at DWLS enough for the help and support they have given me throughout my journey.


Lost 80 Kg

The sleeve gastrectomy was the best thing I could ever have done, and I wish I had done it years ago… I am fit, and the healthiest I have been in over 20 years, and I love my life and my new body.


Lost 70Kg

Bariatric Surgery

At Darebin Weight Loss Surgery (Melbourne), we provide a caring and professional team approach within a single clinic. This ensures you are well informed and supported to make Bariatric Surgery work for you. Our team comprises of specialist bariatric surgeons, dietitians, physicians, nurse specialists and psychologists. Exercise consultants are also incorporated into your care as required.

After Bariatric Surgery Support

After weight loss surgery, ongoing follow up is provided to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Regular review with the surgeon and ongoing support and care from the team means help is always at hand. Please feel comfortable contacting us by phone or by the form below if you prefer.

Locations of Darebin Weight Loss Surgery

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