Alexandra’s Gastric Bypass


The Challenge

I had a gastric band previously and had a few issues. On top of that the my weight fluctuated. I would lose weight and put it all back on and more, which was causing health issues.

PLUS I regularly drank (alcohol) and was a pack a day smoker. After stopping the habits, I gained even more and ballooned to nearly 140kg.

I lead a busy life but I have 2 lovely children under 6. That was sufficiently motivating.



The Solution

I knew that revision surgery is high risk.

My journey started on May 2016. Had the gastric band converted to gastric bypass. I found that this option was the best for me as it gave me the best quality eating. I can still enjoy all food, but in much smaller portions.

I do exercise regularly and have started running… yes running… and no one is chasing me either!!!. I try to watch what I eat daily but also can treat myself in moderation. The bypass sometimes can remind me of why certain foods don’t agree with me.

I’ve stopped smoking and drinking. I believe that the support is also crucial in achieving my goals…

I hope my journey can inspire others that nothing in life is impossible. I am now 82kgs


Weight Lost kg


Amazing Result

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