Eboni’s Gastric Bypass

The Challenge

Letter from Eboni to another patient (edited to protect privacy)

I did not hear from you over the weekend so I thought I’d write back to you. I had a lapband done in 2005 and it was great and I lost over 40kgs. I did vomit on many occasions with the band but satisfied that it worked well. Unfortunately I became very unwell when my band slipped. This occurred during my pregnancy (at 20 weeks). I had emergency surgery to have the band removed.

At that stage I thought no more surgery ever… When my son was 6 months old I had stacked on the weight again and felt depressed. I reconsidered my options.


The Journey

I favoured the bypass over another lapband or sleeve. The surgery and recovery was more radical than the lapband. At 5 months I lost over 30kgs. To me, the bypass is a great option. Provided you are sensible, you don’t regurgitate and the quality of eating textures is great. The only time I don’t feel well is if I have too much dairy, salt and sugar. I used to eat a block of chocolate. Now, I can eat one square and be totally satisfied. I was a complete sweet tooth all my life, now I rarely crave for sweet food.

The most important aspect of my journey is the un-ending support, relationship and trust.


Weight Lost kg


Body fat reduced

Years since surgery



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