John before and after gastric sleeve surgery

John’s Gastric Sleeve

The Challenge

In 2009, I severely damaged my back at work and was immobilized for more than 12 months. During that time I put on approximately 90kgs. After 2 major back surgeries in 2010, my depression hit hard and with limited ability to do any exercise and eating constantly, my weight reached 183kgs.

John Melifronides before John Melifronides before 1

The Journey

Being very concerned at how hard it was to lose the weight, my GP gave me a referral. I was severely obese at 191kgs and a borderline diabetic. I decided to have the gastric sleeve in January 2013

To me, the most important journey came after the surgery. The support included clear instructions with what I had to do pre and post surgery. I had comprehensive education in food selection, vitamins, protein type and portion.  I even required help with different forms of exercising.

I appreciate the support. I was pleased with my results. In early 2016, I weighed 104kgs.

I am forever thankful for this life changing event

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