Kylie's Weight Loss

Kylie’s Gastric Bypass

The Challenge

Growing up as a child I was always plump. Reflecting back, I was probably about the age of 10 that I became self-conscious of my size.

Over the years, I am not sure how many times I attempted weight loss, each time losing 20 plus kilos and each time putting it all back on and more. I have tried so many diets I have lost count.

It was after the birth of my second child that my weight ballooned to 144kg and I went to my GP who recommended a gastric band.

The Journey

In May 2006 I had a gastric band. Life was great and food was no longer my focus and my weight got down to 97kg.

However in 2011 I started regaining weight. I then started vomiting and had constant reflux and unfortunately my band had slipped. After discussion, I decided to have my band removed and reconsidered my options. During this time my weight increased to 122kg and I knew I had to go something.

On the 1st October 2012 I had a laparoscopic gastric bypass. To date my weight is now down to 81kg.


Weight Lost kg


Body fat reduced

Years since surgery

Satisfaction Factor

I crave healthy food options!


Now I eat differently

I eat smaller quantities. Sugary foods and high fat foods don’t agree with me.



I take daily vitamin supplements recommended by the dietitians at DWLS.

Looking ahead

I know that this is a life time journey and follow up and support at DWLS is so important so I can maintain my weight loss and stay healthy.

Kylie's Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

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