Nurhan’s Journey

The Challenge

It took me 3 years to make the life changing decision of having weight loss surgery. I was apprehensive about surgery. My self confidence was low. After encouragement from my general practitioner, I gathered myself to make the call. Everything else was easy.

The Solution

Looking back, my only regret was the time it took to get some help. I am almost a year post surgery and have lost 82% of my excess fat.

I have tried and could not do it myself. The help and support was crucial to my success. Not only do I feel great and look better in my clothes. My confidence, self esteem and mental state is so much better. Weight loss has actually helped and I have learnt to love and enjoy life once again.

My family and kids are really happy for me and with my success. My husband is over the moon and always complementing me for giving him a new wife. I am always grateful and thankful for all the support and aftercare from the team that makes all that difference


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