Costs Associated With Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is considered by the health department to be an important health intervention and as such has associated item numbers that attract a Medicare rebate.

This means that if you have private insurance, most of the costs associated with surgery will be covered by your insurance company and Medicare.

However there is an “out of pocket cost” associated with the program of care for your weight loss surgery. This is a combined fee that covers surgery and the assistance.

In addition, once this program fee has been paid, all subsequent surgeon appointments are “bulk billed”.

For details of the program fee and costs involved, please contact us directly.

Questions You Should Ask About Fees and Costs

We believe our program fees are competitive and fair and suggest that when considering weight loss surgery you ask these questions about costs:

Is there a gap or program fee and what does it cover?

Yes, there is a gap/program fee and it covers the surgeon, assistant and post operative follow up.

Will I be charged gap fees by the anaesthetist and or assistant?

Yes, there is an out of pocket cost that will be billed by the Anaesthetist. This differs between funds.

Will I incur any other out of pocket fees for post operative consultations?

Where appropriate all specialist appointments are bulk billed. There are fees for post-operative dietitian & psychology appointments.

If I need further surgery related to weight loss, will I be charged an out of pocket fee again?

Yes, there is a cost for revisional surgery at a reduced rate.

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